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CBD eLiquid, vape hemp with e-cigarette

CBD E-Liquid / E-Juice

E-Liquids for e-cigarette with CBD instead of nicotine have been very popular with vapery for some time. So you may be able to enjoy some of the health benefits of the CBD when vaping. The cannabidiol can also unfold its effect if it is absorbed by an e-cigarette.

The effect of CBD

Even if the facts are still relatively small, it is assumed that the effect of a liquid is very similar to that of CBD oil.

Effect of cannabidiol:

Pain relief (e.g. migraine)
Remedy for anxiety/sleep disorders
Support for inflammatory diseases (e.g. rheumatism)
Menopausal/regular complaints
Improved mood/mood

CBD E-Liquid

E-Liquid places special conditions on the CBD. Normally cannabidiol is fat-soluble, therefore it is usually offered as oil. However, as E-Liquid it enters the lungs during vaping, an E-Liquid must not contain any oil.
For this reason, the CBD for E-Liquid is first converted into crystals by CO² extraction and then dissolved in PG. A further advantage of this extraction method is that it is carried out without great heat and thus no unwanted impurities arise.

We obtain our CBD base from the European market leader “Harmony”.
Harmony uses exclusively hemp from organic cultivation from the EU for the production of the CBD. Both the hemp and the extracted CBD are tested several times for impurities, residues etc.. Only absolutely pure goods enter the production process.

All CBD-liquids we offer are free of THC. Thus it cannot come to nasty surprises with possible traffic controls.

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