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Import eLiquid with nicotine to Australia, Iceland, Canada

Import eLiquid with nicotine to Australia, Iceland, Canada

Unfortunately, the import of nicotine containing eLiquids / eJuices is not allowed or limited in Australia, Iceland and Canada.
We have a solution to the problem.

If you wish, we will re-label your eLiquid so that they look like food flavours.
No nicotine or any indication of vaping will then appear on the label.

We will also use some other small tricks for shipping, so we can guarantee that there will be no problems with customs.

Should a shipment not be delivered to you, we will of course deliver a replacement. That’s what we promise!

So don’t worry and buy your eLiquids with nicotine from us.

2 thoughts on “Import eLiquid with nicotine to Australia, Iceland, Canada

  1. Edward Umanski says:

    Hi, Thank you for replying back from message I sent from ebay, now I understand why I could not find your items on ebay. I bought a few bottles from you last year & now I’m just about out & I quiet enjoy your nicotine juice I would like to buy more if you have it. I got the 50ml virginia 16 / 18 mg/ml nicotine last year.
    which I can’t find on your store too. If you have in stock I would like to purchase 4 to 6 bottles & on going .
    Can you please let me know how I would go in ordering & paying for items. I’m in Australia.
    Cheers Eddy.

    1. Oliver says:

      Hello Eddy,

      Thank you for your message.
      We have change the content from 50ml to 60ml, because of the change from regular to genuie Gorilla Bottles.
      It’s the same juice.

      You’ll find it here:

      The ordering is the same like in every other online shop 🙂

      – Visit the item detail page
      – Chose the nicotine and the amount of bottles that you want to purchase
      – Click “Add to Cart”
      – Repeat Step 1-3 for the next item (if you want to get another taste)
      – Click on the Cart, check your order. If it’s right click “Proceed to checkout”
      – Fill out the address form (create an account if you want) and click to “Continue to payment”
      – Do the Payment
      – All things done 🙂

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