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Apple Mix – 10ml

$ 4,07
Ripe red apples and sour green apples mixed to a delicious fruity taste.

Exotic Fruits – 10ml

$ 4,07
Mix of delicious and exotic fruits like Passion-Fruit, Banana and Pineapple.

Indian Fig – 10ml

$ 4,07
Fruity Indian fig, enjoy the taste without the thorns.

Melon Mix – 10ml

$ 4,07
Mouthwatering mix of watermelon and honeydew flavors.

Passion Fruit – 10ml

$ 4,07
Sweet and sour flavor of exotic Passion-Fruits. (Maracuja)

Peach – 10ml

$ 4,07
Flavor of ripe and tasty peaches. Sweet and fruity.

Raspberry – 10ml

$ 4,07
Slightly sweet and sour. The taste of ripe Raspberries. Very natural.

Sour Cherry – 10ml

$ 4,07
Fruity sweet and sour cherry flavor. Very natural taste.

Strawberry – 10ml

$ 4,07
Taste of sweet, ripe and fruity Strawberries. Very natural, not too sweet.

50% Propylenglycol (1,2 Propandiol), 38% Glycerine (vegetable), 12% purified Water, Flavour, 0-1,8% Nicotine

Good to know, all our eLiquids contain no diacetyl, tobacco components, sugar or other questionable additives.

Fruit Vape Juices – Made in Europe.
Innocig vape juices, are well balanced eJuices with a great vape and taste. Chose from many delicious fruity eJuices with a natural and intense taste.