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Blueberry Cheesecake – 10ml

$ 3,31
Vape the taste of typical New York style blueberry cheesecake.

Coco Choco – 10ml

$ 3,31
Coconut meets milk chocolate. Intense taste but not to sweet, like the known candy bars.

Cookie – 10ml

$ 3,31
Sweet and aromatic Cookie taste. Like self-made baked ones. With a hint of caramel.

Honey Crunch – 10ml

$ 3,31
Honey, Peanuts and Corn. The taste of the well known breakfast cereals.

Mojito – 10ml

$ 3,31
Slightly sour Lemon and fresh Peppermint, enjoy the taste of the well known cocktail.

Strawberry Cheesecake – 10ml

$ 3,31
Ripe and fruity Strawberries meets sweet and delicious Cheesecake.

T-Ride (Popcorn) – 10ml

$ 3,31
Taste of sweet Popcorn. Intense caramel note.

Vanille – 10ml

$ 3,31
Classical Vanilla taste. Sweet, bloomy and not to sweet.

50% Propylenglycol (1,2 Propandiol), 38% Glycerine (vegetable), 12% purified Water, Flavour, 0-1,8% Nicotine

Good to know, all our eLiquids contain no diacetyl, tobacco components, sugar or other questionable additives.

Sweets & Drinks Vape Juices – Made in Europe.
In this category you’ll will find a lot of eJuices with sweet flavours. Like Honey Crunch, Cheesecake, Popcorn and so on. Of course you’ll find popular eJuices such as vanilla.